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                by Jin Ginns, H.H.P., C.E.T.

Image of Sudatonic Infrared Body Wrap.

Sudatonic Slimming System

The Sudatonic creams comprise a range of unique products containing essential oils which activate the physiological processes of exchanges and elimination and by their synergy of action yield (consumption) of thermosudation. These technical advantages make the most effective slimming method using thermosudation, whatever the sudation accessory used. The only active compounds containing essential oils which are neither greasy nor sticky, and which are eliminated with sudation.

The Sudatonic system functions by applying an extra layer of skin onto the patient using Sudatonic creams, whose only active ingredient are essential oils. Anytime the human body is heated the natural bodily reaction is to sweat to cool down. The extra layer of skin makes this a little more difficult for the body, so fat cells are broken down to help push the sweat out. Obesity and cellulite result from poor diet and poor microcirculation. The first sign of poor microcirculation is excess water retention, and SUDATONIC first eliminates excess water, then attacks excess fat.

As fat accumulates in the fat lobes underneath the skin, the lobes become disfigured, turning into octagonal shapes, leading to cellulite. This prevents proper nutrient flow (microcirculation) in addition to the unsightly 'orange peel' exterior left on the skin.

After the SUDATONIC creams are applied, a special heating blanket is wrapped around the patient, and fat cells are broken down as the sweat is pushed through the extra layer of skin. As the body heats up it attempts to sweat to cool down, but the sweat molecules cannot penetrate the 2nd skin.

The body, needing to sweat to cool down, calls on the fat lobes to release adipocytes so they can be burned to fuel the oppressed perspiration. In essence the body now burns the fat so that it is able to sweat!

So the Sudatonic method attacks cellulite by forcing the body to burn adipocytes within the fat lobes to fuel the ejection of perspiration through the skin's surface. As the overly large adipocytes are removed from the fat lobes, the fat lobes revert back to their normal shape, flattening the skin. The smaller adipocytes allow lymph to once again reach the skin's surface, bringing with them valuable nutrients as well as washing away toxins and waste. The result is slimmer, healthier, radiant, more sensitive skin!

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SUDATONIC + Ultratone™ Body Toning = Even more success in the fight against excess weight & cellulite!

Some things were meant to be. By chance, the SUDATONIC treatment found a perfect partner in the Ultratone™. Having an Ultratone™ treatment prior to SUDATONIC re-activates the glands, improving micro-circulation and lymphatic flow. In essence this creates an ideal environment for the SUDATONIC method to maximize its results, as the fat targeted by SUDATONIC is mobilized more readily.

In one session, you can …

  • Lose up to 5 pounds
  • Dramatically reduce cellulite
  • Eliminate up to 20% of body fat
  • Burn up to 4,000 calories
  • Lose inches off waistline, hips and thighs
  • Completely invigorate your body!
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  • Sudatonic Slimming System
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